Monday, March 19, 2018

Movie Character Silhouette

Watched Black Panther Movie, and found that the hat of the queen mother Ramonda in the movie was very special, so I decided to search the net and found a side view photo of her.

I thought was an easy job but end up have to spend some times and then finally get the closes artwork  that I want. Haahaa!

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Event at Safra Toa Payoh

Did silhouette cutting fora private event to night. Managed to do couple silhouette cutting during the starting timing when not much guests queuing at my booth.

To produce a 2 in one couple cutting, the scoring and the ration of the portrait must very accurate, otherwise will became an ugly artwork.

The more complex of the hair style will be produce a much more visual-able artwork.

The event of to night.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Silhouette Cutting at Tampines HUB

Did silhouette cutting at Tampines HUB for Tampines GRC Women's Day Event for this morning.

Great to met my Ex- Silhouette cutting partner William Lee in the event.

I started doing event since 1990, I met him about 2002 in Singapore's National Stadium's flea market, I encouraged him to pick up Silhouette cutting for event's activities, that was before Singapore's SAR's period.

We no longer work together due to we are busy doing our own business few years later, we just work individually, and whenever any event company ask for one more Silhouette Artist, I always pass his contact to them. I would say, up to do day 11 Mar 2018, nobody better then him because most of the new silhouette artists had not practice properly and take event job nowadays.

This is an old photo that we did Silhouette Cutting in the same event in many years ago ;p
I would say, William Lee did his Silhouette cutting from heart, he really put in effort for each of his work, not like nowadays new comer thinking doing silhouette cutting just to earn quick money and thought anyhow do it in cheating way and nobody can tell the different. We produce quality and quantities of artworks, not those new comer that only produce 6-10 cutting for an hour's booking!!!

That was a surprise that MP Baey Yam Keng came to our booth ;p I did the black color cutting and William Lee had did his color style silhouette cutting for the MP.

I remembered my first and last Wire Craft artwork fringe activity for and event was partnering with William Lee, and after that, William Lee had continuously doing Wire Craft till today.

What I do up today:
- Caricature
- Silhouette Cutting
- Palm and Face Reading
- Chinese Paper Cutting

What William Lee do up to today:
- Caricature
- Silhouette Cutting
- Pebble Art
- Wire Crafts
- Caricature on Mini Canvas, on Mini T Shirt, on Bookmarks
- Face Painting
- any items that I did not know..heehee!

So he should be much happy that he can earn much much $$$$$ than me!

William Lee got house, while I still renting house and struggling,
William Lee got wife to take care and have son that have a proper family, I do not have (help! please help me to get a wife and then get a son...)

William Lee got few cars and I not even have a driving license!
All my hair gone but he still got lots of hair!!!
He should be feel much super happy than that he had Win all liao!

Haahaa! My very old friend William Lee ;p

Saturday, February 10, 2018

How Much Time to Produce A Silhouette Cutting?

Talking about silhouette cutting, we required how much time to produce a simple hair style silhouette cutting? By us a palm size paper, my speed about 30-40 second, in a very slow cutting way, no reason to cut a silhouette more than 60 sec, unless the guest's silhouette having real complex style.

Silhouette cutting is emphasize on the feature of the side profile portrait of the guests face, it is an outline observation, the silhouette is cutting the outline to produce the artwork, within a minute is a reasonable time frame, I not talk about how many second to produce an artwork. 

In my view, in an event which having a booth and there are a queue of guests, producing 30 cuttings per hour should be reasonable speed and my speed about 45-55 cutting per hour is if such setting.

Not like caricature drawing, you need to draw the face shape, the eyes, nose, mouth, the hair style..etc. 

Unfortunately, I saw many other people who do silhouette cutting in Singapore during various event, they spent 5 minutes or more time for a cutting! This mean they either had not put effort to work hard, do not have the skill and think can just do it and most guests do not know what is going on so they can any how cheat!

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Roving Silhouette Cutting for Private Event

Did roving silhouette cutting yesterday evening at China Club Singapore yesterday for a private event and met many nice guests in the event ;p

There are lion dance performance in the event.

One of nice scene from the building

One of my work

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Volunteers' Appreciation Night 2018

Great that I had a chance involve in Volunteers' Appreciation Night  to do my silhouette cutting at Asian Civilization Museum again ;p  I felt blessed that one of a Japanese guests took some pictures of me at work and sent them to me! I am here special thanks Kawaguchi San (the lady in white shirt in this picture ;pwho took the pictures and sent the photos to me.

Some more photos

Silhouette Cutting with Hats

Red Indian hat Samba Dancer